Thursday, 23.05.
  • Ego-System / Eco-System / Institute of Contemporary Art - Sofia

    Thursday, 23.05.  10:00 - Friday, 07.06.  18:00
    Art Gallery Boris Georgiev, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Lyuben Karavelov" 1, 9002 Varna, Bulgaria

    ISI, the Institute of Contemporary Art - Sofia is one of the longest existing and active non-governmental organizations dealing with visual art in Bulgaria. It was conceived in 1993 and was registered as an NGO, an association of art critics and artists in 1995. Its history is closely related to the development of our art scene in recent decades, its self-education, opening and positioning in the world, with some of the most its notable appearances in local and international contexts.

    Curator: Yara Bubnova, Artists: Kalin Serapionov, Kiril Prashkov, Krasimir Terziev, Lachezar Boyadzhiev, Maria Nalbantova, Mariela Gemisheva, Martin Penev, Nedko Solakov, Pravdolyub Ivanov, Radostin Sedevchev, Sofia Grancharova, Stefan Nikolaev, Aksinia Peycheva, Dimitar Solakov

    event link

    Don't miss!

Friday, 24.05.
  • ANEMONIA / RAGS Collective

    Friday, 24.05.  18:00 - Saturday, 25.05.  20:00
    street "Dunav" 7, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Dunav" 7, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Curator Deyan Boev, Media and PR Ivelin Penchev

    Artists: Yordan Kostov and Pavel Tsarov

    event link

    The exhibition will present picturesque canvases of aquatic and terrestrial plants refracted through the eyes of the artists. The emphasis is precisely on them, because they are an invariable part of human existence - it enchants our senses and introduces us to the magic of the ecosystem. They are not just green creatures that grow in our landscape, they are the living lungs and roofs of our planet, our dreams and inventions.

    Don't miss!

  • Teresa Zikovska Gallery

    Friday, 24.05.  16:00 - Sunday, 26.05.  21:00

    Teresa Zikovska Gallery

    "Blue Planet", Stanislav Stanchev - The Baby

    24-26.05 16:00-19:00, 25 Voden St.

    Don't miss!

  • Ambiguities deciphered / Rawlab at Largo Gallery

    Friday, 24.05.  10:00 - Sunday, 02.06.  18:30
    Largo Art Gallery, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Han Krum" 8, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Ambiguities Deciphered / Rawlab 

    Rawlab Radina Yotova & Roslana Yotova, guest at Largo Gallery with the immersive installation Decoding Ambiguity built using artificial intelligence.

    event link

    Metaphor, connecting the literal and figurative meaning of words, makes the abstract recognizable.
    In terms of artificial intelligence and natural human language processing, the question is whether neural networks could understand figurative expressions in a consistent and non-literal way. The video installation traces the semantic limitations inherent in the machine learning paradigm. The vulnerabilities of the algorithm turn space into an abstraction freed from facts: a poetic truth that is mysterious and elusive.
    The installation invites visitors to enter an immersive space where a series of visual experiments reveal hidden patterns and complex relationships emerging from the interaction between language and images

    Don't miss!

  • Passage / U10 Gallery (Serbia)

    Friday, 24.05.  10:00 - Sunday, 02.06.  18:00
    bul. "Primorski" 22, PrimorskiOdesos, bul. "Primorski" 22, 9002 Varna, Bulgaria


    U10 Gallery (Serbia)

    Artist Smilya Ignatovich 


    Boyana Atlia, intervention in the urban environment (see map)

    24.05 - 02.06, 14:00 - 18:00 / BNR Varna Glass cube/ bul. "Primorski" 22

    Don't miss!

  • Nevo's bedroom / Papion Gallery

    Friday, 24.05.  10:00 - Sunday, 02.06.  19:00

    Nevo's bedroom

    Curator Andreja Gandeva 

    Creative mediator Mariela Gemisheva 

    Artist Nevelin Ivanov

    event link

    Nevelin Ivanov's second solo exhibition continues to deal with the topic of mental health, presented in his first solo project - "If I had a pig, I would name it Nevo". The author, who has been able to open up about her struggles with bulimia, an eating disorder thought of as more female, has now found a way to overcome it. Accepted his body and even loved his image, but at what cost? Overcoming one condition is replaced by another - the constant desire for sex. This project aims to figuratively bring the audience into the most intimate corners of the author's mind by symbolically transporting him to his bedroom. The place where we are truly ourselves. The bedroom as a field for analyzing and making sense of the naked body, as well as a space for looking into ourselves. In this way, one type of addiction is displaced to make way for a new one.

    04.05-02.06 / 11:00- 19:00 / Le Papillon Art Gallery / 12 Dragoman Street

    Don't miss!


    Friday, 24.05.  10:00 - Friday, 07.06.  18:30
    street "Han Krum" 8, Sofia Center, ul. "Han Krum" 8, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria


    Kaloyan Iliev - KOKIMOTO 

    Largo Gallery


    24.05 - 02.06 / 10:00 - 18:30 / Largo Gallery / 8 Han Krum Street

    Don't miss!

  • Collab Narrativa - Narativa Gallery

    Friday, 24.05.  11:00 - Sunday, 02.06.  20:00
    street "Drazki" 16, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Drazki" 16, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Collab Narrative - Gallery Narativa 

    Artists: Alexi Ivanov, Bilos, Valentina Lapcheva, Veselin Simeonov, Veselin Damyanov-Ves, Gancho Ganchev - Ghana, Dimitar Stefanov, Diana Naneva, Iliyan Nenov, Krom Bagelski, Nikolay Petrov - Glow, Pavel Kaloyanov - Epic, Todor Ovcharov, CHROME

    Narativa Gallery (VelikoTarnovo)

    Don't miss!

  • EQUILIBRIUM / Little bird place

    Friday, 24.05.  11:00 - Sunday, 02.06.  20:00
    street "Sofia" 22, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Sofia" 22, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Artists: Antoinette Quick and Sebastian Quick

    TWO LOCATIONS: Sofia Street 22 and Gallery 33

    "EQUILIBRIUM is the first exhibition in a full collaboration of the Swedish-Bulgarian duo Sebastian Kwik and Antoineta Kwik, created especially for Little Bird Place Gallery. Since meeting for the first time in 2011, the two artists have embarked on a joint journey that has led to a multidisciplinary creative In addition to sharing a family name and creative ideas, Antoinette and Sebastian often share their studios in Sofia and Hjor (Sweden) with each other both sides, and their shared time in nature - in observation, reflection, meditation, interaction and just play.

    Don't miss!

  • LOOK: Technology and Ecology / Arosita Gallery

    Friday, 24.05.  11:00 - Sunday, 02.06.  20:00
    street "Preslav" 21, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Preslav" 21, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    LOOK: Technology and Ecology / Arosita Gallery 

    Curator Rositsa Getsova 

    Artists: Maria Nalbantova. Michaela Lakova, Iglika Hristova, Mira Yankova 

    Albena Baeva, Alexander Valchev 

    event link

    Arosita Gallery presents six contemporary creative positions exploring and interpreting socio-ecological issues through experimentation with new materials and technologies. Part of the LOOK project – Ecology and Technology – presented 2023 in Arosita, Depoo, Charter. The main goal of the project is to initiate the creation of a product that will deepen the interest in new hybrid forms in contemporary fine art and digital technologies. A project with two significant benefits: developing the taste and enriching the public's perceptions through new approaches, on the one hand, and drawing attention to the current problems of modern society, on the other.

    24.05-02.06 / 11:00-20:00 / 21/23 "Preslav" St.

    Don't miss!


    Friday, 24.05.  11:00 - Sunday, 02.06.  20:00

    Curator: Voin de Voin

    Artists: Arbnor Karaliti and Yul Jaffery (Kosovo)

    As part of Buna 2, Doza Gallery presents The Invisible Game, an exhibition by Arbnor Karaliti and Yul Jaffery that explores the relationship between social constructs and personal introspection. Inspired by Yul Jaffery's theories about the environment in which we are currently placed and Arbnor Carality's artistic exploration of existential themes, the exhibition prompts a rethinking of the nature of reality. Specifically, it examines the exploitation of tools such as culture and sport, highlighting the absence of the players and evoking a sense of unease that invites deeper reflection.

    Event link

    24.05 - 02.06 / 11:00 - 20:00 / 21-23 Preslav Street

    Don't miss!

  • Varna Contemporary

    Friday, 24.05.  11:00 - Sunday, 02.06.  20:00
    street "Sofia" 22, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Sofia" 22, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Varna Contemporary 

    Curator Ralitsa Gerasimova

    Artists Vanya Andreeva, Galina Staneva, Quentin Alkaina (France)

    Neno Belchev, Petar Chinovski, Katya Dimova, Elena Dimitrova

    Veronika Desova, Silvana Ilieva, Tsvetan Krastev, Zhanina Marinova

    Slavena Petkova, Olivia Michaltianu (Romania), Iskra Pechanksa

    Iona Pelovska, Eurosian Stoycheva

    24.05 - 02.06, 11:00 - 20:00 Dosev/ ul. "Sofia" 22

    Don't miss!

  • Intermediate Medium / Depoo Gallery

    Friday, 24.05.  11:00 - Sunday, 02.06.  20:00
    street "Preslav" 21, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Preslav" 21, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Intermediate Medium / Depoo Gallery

    Curator Vasko Slavkov


    Alexander Violetov

    24.05 - 02.06, 11:00 - 20:00 / Yellow house / ul. "Preslav" 21-23

    Don't miss!

  • Freedom. Body. Resistance.

    Friday, 24.05.  11:00 - Sunday, 02.06.  20:00
    street "Sofia" 22, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Sofia" 22, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

     Visual Arts Forum Association (Romania) 

    Curator Raluca Oancea, Artists: Leah Perjovski, Dan Perjovski, Christian Irian 

    Alexandra Dimitrescu, Emil Gita, Dragos Dogiou

    event link.

    The initiative begins with the opening of the group exhibition "Freedom. Body. Resistance," curated by Raluca Oancea. Seven Romanian artists present works that highlight the relationship between the body and freedom, where the body becomes a powerful weapon to gain freedom – be it political, expressive or gender.

    Don't miss!

  • Architecture of tranquility

    Friday, 24.05.  13:00 - Sunday, 02.06.  20:00
    street "Sofia" 22, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Sofia" 22, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Architecture of tranquility

    Rusen Mihai Ionut (Bucharest)

    Popup space DOSEV

    Don't miss!

  • In the empty, still undeveloped space of the city / Gallery Gallery

    Friday, 24.05. - Sunday, 02.06.  
    Varna, Bulgaria

    An augmented reality (AR) exhibition awaits you on the streets of Varna. Hidden in different corners of the city, different works and experiences are displayed in real and digital. 

    exhibition map

    Curators: Albena Baeva and Rene Beekman

    Artists: Meredith Drum (USA), Elena Kaludova, Iskra Prodanova, Eva Davidova

    Albena Baeva: Our public space, real or virtual, is becoming private for profit at an ever faster pace. Spaces without commercial utility are left to struggle with darkness, pollution and indifference.

    Children, as well as adults, believe that monsters lurk there and bad things happen.

    The exhibition "In the empty, not yet built space of the city" uses these forgotten corners in the city of Varna by placing sculptures in augmented reality (AR). The sculptures confront us with the issues of political conformity, violence against women and the rights of others, and the concentration of technological resources that benefit the few while causing enormous environmental and social harm to the rest.

    Artists Albena Baeva, Eva Davidova, Meredith Drum, Elena Kaludova and Iskra Prodanova transform these dark corners of the city into places of potential where change can emerge.

    Don't miss!

  • The nature of relationships / Art project Depot

    Friday, 24.05.  14:00 - Monday, 17.06.  20:00
    ReBonkers, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Baruten pogreb" 4, 9008 Varna, Bulgaria

    collective exhibition 
    curator Irina Batkova
    Artists: Natalia Yordanova, Nadezhda Oleg Lyakhova, Sofia Dimova, Mariana Vasileva (BG/GE), Dagmar Schurer (Germany), Leda Vaneva (BG/FIN), Albena Baeva, Gönyul Nyuhoglu (Turkey), Boryana Petkova (BG/FR). Boriana Rossa (BG/USA)

    event link

    The Nature of Relationships project creates a visual environment that examines the emergence of ethical discourse emerging from the diversity of women's 'narratives' or 'voices' situated in different national, historical and cultural circumstances. Although the ten female artists who participate in the exhibition analyze different themes and follow their own original approaches in their artistic practices, they manage in a very careful and delicate way to sink into the deep layers of self-knowledge of their feminine essence to create a territory of special relation to the understanding of the world, nature and others.

    Don't miss!

Saturday, 25.05.
  • The inner peace of the platypus / A&G Meeting Gallery

    Saturday, 25.05.  14:00 - Tuesday, 28.05.  19:00
    street "Lyuben Karavelov" 8, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Lyuben Karavelov" 8, 9002 Varna, Bulgaria

    The inner peace of the platypus 


    Neno Belchev

    25.05 - 28.05 ONLY / 14:00 - 19:00 / A&G Meeting/ 8 Lyuben Karavelov Street

    The wind is blowing from that direction / sold out design / untilled gallery

    Curated by Kai Müller and Teodora Kotseva


    Gyokusu Baisal 

    Galina Dimitrova 

    Karin Gilbert

    Don't miss!

  • VLACHUGANE / Archaeological Museum

    Saturday, 25.05.  10:00 - Sunday, 02.06.  18:00
    bul. "Knyaginya Maria Luiza" 41, Sofia Center, bul. "Knyaginya Maria Luiza" 41, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria


    Exhibition of Martina Vacheva

    Curator Vladya Mihailova

    Vlachugane comes from the verb "vlacha" and is a word that traditionally refers to the initial forcible act of baptism, and subsequently washing, bathing, immersing against the will of the person. An action that resonates with past practices of maiden stealing, as well as any other compulsion to perform a certain action that is regulated and allowed in the ritual. Does this mean the restoration of order or is it related to a new, monstrous hierarchy, to the dogmatism of tradition and its reproduction. Are we turning a deaf ear to the drums of violence?

    24.05 - 02.06, 10:00 - 17:00 / Archaeological Museum / 41 “Maria Luisa” blvd.

    Don't miss!

Monday, 27.05.

    Monday, 27.05.  18:00 - Tuesday, 28.05.  20:30
    street "Knyaz Aleksander Batenberg" 4, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Knyaz Aleksander Batenberg" 4, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria


    Artists: Nia Pushkarova, Viviana Druga, Corinne Fima, Ginny Sykes, Gabi Bila-Gunter known as Lady Gabi, Natalia Ivanova, Boyana Popovic, Darina Ulster, Yarina Shumska

    27.05 - 28.05 ONLY! / 11:00 - 20:00 / 4 "Knyaz Alexander Battenberg" St

    Don't miss!


Friday, 24.05.
  • Dimana Lateva "Balloon"

    Friday, 24.05. - Sunday, 02.06.  
    square "Atlantic solidarity", Varna CenterOdesos, bul. "Slivnitsa" 24, 9002 Varna, Bulgaria

    Intervention in an urban environment

    curator Alexander Valchev

    The flying "Balloon" by Dimana Lateva, its light form and prosaic theme are a counterpoint to the usual for our country massive monuments with heavy volumes, interpreting pathetic and dramatic plots. It is a symbol of our dreams and aspiration for flight and elevation. But at the same time, it's a pinned bubble that isn't even a bubble. He is the Attached Balloon

    Don't miss!

  • Iliana Grigorova and Bogomil Ivanov "Doseg"

    Friday, 24.05. - Sunday, 02.06.  
    Beach Bar Menthol, PrimorskiOdesos, ul. "Kapitan Georgi Georgiev", 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Intervention in an urban environment 

    curator Alexander Valchev

    All objects cast a shadow. The light paints their silhouettes, and we try to hold them, fix them in time, turn them into signs and convey messages with them.

    In their work "Reach", Iliana Grigorova and Bogomil Ivanov, with the means of photography, seal human silhouettes on fabrics, which they turn into flags. They flutter proudly in the wind. They are bound by materiality, but calling for rebellion. They are both banners that lead us to victory and a semaphore that transmits messages over a great distance. Placed on the seashore, these human silhouettes are in constant contact with nature. And they, like people themselves, simultaneously resist the elements of nature, but also change under their influence. 

    Don't miss!

  • Lachezar Boyadzhiev "City Cards"

    Friday, 24.05. - Sunday, 02.06.  
    street "Lyuben Karavelov" 1, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Lyuben Karavelov" 1, 9002 Varna, Bulgaria

    Intervention in an urban environment

    curator Alexander Valchev

    In every major city of the Roman Empire there was a statue of the current ruler. When a new emperor came to power, instead of tearing down the entire monument, only the heads of the figures were replaced. In this way, they were "modernized", a new meaning was given to them. 

    In many of his works Lachezar Boyadzhiev explores the changing urban environment. In the "On Vacation..." graphics cycle, he captures equestrian monuments and digitally erases riders. "City cards" is a kind of continuation of the series, in which the author places large photographs of the sculptures, mounted on free-standing hard boards, in a new place in the public space. On them, the pedestals of the monuments are also cut, and the horses soar freely in the sky. The statues have become a place for selfies. Anyone can become part of the monument and be king for a day.

    Don't miss!

  • Nikola Stoyanov "You will understand when the time comes"

    Friday, 24.05. - Sunday, 02.06.  
    street "Kozloduy" 4, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Kozloduy" 4, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Intervention in an urban environment

    curator Alexander Valchev

    Everyone has seen the facades of housing cooperatives and panel blocks in our country. It is difficult to find two windows of the same shape or two walls of the same color. Patch by patch. Total eclecticism.

    Nikola Stoyanov's sculptural installation resembles another pile of construction waste. But some order and aestheticization can be detected in it. This is a work that combines reality and fiction. In it, the author is more of an observer who sets only the beginning, and the finishing touches are left to passers-by. They are invited to take an active part using the tools left nearby, and new items and rearrangement of existing ones are welcome. This is a kind of mirror of our reality. Chaotic repetitive repair repairs. Repair after repair.

    Don't miss!

  • Simeon Simeonov "Steli"

    Friday, 24.05. - Sunday, 02.06.  
    ulitsa "Kapitan Georgi Georgiev", Primorski, ul. "Kapitan Georgi Georgiev", Varna, Bulgaria

    Intervention in an urban environment

    curator Alexander Valchev

    Since ancient times, stelae, obelisks and columns have been erected in honor of great events of their time. They recorded the history of the generations on them. In the work of Simeon Simeonov, these "Steles" are clean. The massive forms are now made of light material, vulnerable, and yet eternal, but in a different way. The stelae are here, but history has been erased. It is periodically completely rewritten. Any random street scribbler can write whatever he wants. Starting fresh is a good idea, but the past can't just be erased. And what will be written on the new page depends on us. 

    Don't miss!

  • Sofia Dimova "Hugo"

    Friday, 24.05. - Sunday, 02.06.  
    street "Preslav" 11, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Preslav" 11, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Intervention in an urban environment

    curator Alexander Valchev

    Hugo the dog is the main character and everyone's favorite in the emerging community on Preslav Street. Enjoys constant attention. Almost no one remembers who owns him anymore, who holds his leash. Certainly, however, the other character of the work - Johnny, the man whose face we do not know, holds the cache. And those who still have a heart continue to dream of love. 

    Don't miss!

  • Stoyan Dechev "Black Sea of Black"

    Friday, 24.05. - Sunday, 02.06.  
    Varna Aquarium, PrimorskiOdesos, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Interventions in the urban environment

    curator Alexander Valchev

    In the work of Stoyan Dechev, the viewer can recognize the natural anomaly of a sea dying from hydrogen sulfide in its depths and our powerlessness in front of nature. At the same time, this work makes us think about the unreasonable human activity, about the rebuilding, asphalting and cementing of the coast, about the dumping of waste and dirt into the sea. Located on the ground, the sculpture can go unnoticed and be passed over, just like the issues it speaks to. Whoever is not careful can step into the Black

    Don't miss!

  • Center for Social Vision Elena Chergilanova and Yv-Kristian Angelov

    Friday, 24.05. - Sunday, 02.06.  
    street "Ohrid" 11, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Ohrid" 11, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Intervention in an urban environment in Talyana quarter, several locations

    Don't miss!


Friday, 24.05.
  • The Microbe Restaurant of the Future/ The Moraine Collective

    Friday, 24.05.  13:30 - 17:00
    street "Drazki" 15, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Drazki" 15, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Performance of Eva van der Zandt (Netherlands) with the participation of Jos Bregaman and

    Polina Slavova. 

    24.05 on the stairs of Druzki Street

    Don't miss!

  • VIRAL with the participation of Sofia Dimova

    Friday, 24.05.  15:00 - 18:00
    15 Drzki Street


    Ilina Peneva curator 

    Sofia Dimova

    24.05, 15:00 Ul. Dare, Talyana

    Don't miss!

  • KopfDerHund

    Friday, 24.05.  21:00 - 22:00


    Krasimir Kostov

    Ivan Kostolov

    Nicolas Henry

    24.05 / 21:00 / Rebonkers

    Don't miss!

  • 'mō-tiv

    Friday, 24.05.
    South Beach Varna, Under the pool Coastal Promenade, South Beach 9000, PrimorskiOdesos, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria


    elve + sayulke 


    Surprise guest

    24.05 / 22:00 until sunrise / La Playa / central beach /ul. Hilarion Makariopolsky 8

    Don't miss!

Saturday, 25.05.
  • Room at the end of the world

    Saturday, 25.05.  14:00 - 19:00
    street "Nikola Kanev" 1, Hristo BotevOdesos, ul. "Nikola Kanev" 1, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    16 Nicholson Street Gallery (Glasgow) presents Veronika Desova 

    Curated by Aga Paulina Mlinjak

    event link

    25.05 / 14:00 - 19:00 NIKOTEA culture warehouse, "Nikola Kanev" street #1

    Don't miss!

  • That Divine at the terrace

    Saturday, 25.05.

    That Divine 



    edit link

    25.05, 16:00 22:00 /ul. Archimandrite Stefan Venedist Popov 112

    Don't miss!

  • Juliet Intergalactica in Menthol

    Saturday, 25.05.  21:00 - Sunday, 26.05.  0:00
    Beach Bar Menthol, PrimorskiOdesos, ul. "Kapitan Georgi Georgiev", 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Juliet Intergalactica 

    event link

    25.05, 22:00 / Menthol

    Don't miss!

Sunday, 26.05.
  • Voin de Voin

    Sunday, 26.05.  20:30 - 21:00
    37 Knyaginya Maria Luiza Blvd., Varna CenterOdesos, 37 Knyaginya Maria Luiza Blvd., 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    26.05. / 20.00 Behemoth bar

    Don't miss!

Tuesday, 28.05.
  • Feministas Futuristas

    Tuesday, 28.05.  18:00 - Wednesday, 29.05.  20:00
    street "Knyaz Aleksander Batenberg" 8, Varna CenterOdesos, ul. "Knyaz Aleksander Batenberg" 8, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    Feministas Futuristas

    Nia Pushkarova

    Viviana Another

    Corinne Fima

    Ginny Sykes


    Natalia Ivanova

    Boyana Popovich

    Darina Ulster

    Yarina Shumska

    Don't miss!

Friday, 31.05.
  • Synaesthesia Collective / “Black Knot - Butoh” & “My Body, Your Rules”

    Friday, 31.05.  18:00 - 20:00
    Archaeological Museum Varna, Archaeological Museum, Varna CenterOdesos, 41 Knyaginya Maria Luiza Blvd., 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

    performance on  Georgi P. Pavlo and Yv-Kristian Angelov & Diana Bunkin in the English courtyard of the Varna Archaeological Museum.

    31.05/ 18:00 - 20:00 Archaeological Museum Varna / 41 Maria Luiza Blvd.

    Don't miss!

Saturday, 01.06.
  • I hear you / Residence BABA

    Saturday, 01.06. - Sunday, 02.06.  
    registration required

    Mary of Macedon 

    event link

    12:00 18:00 01.05 - 02.05 / with advance registration

    Don't miss!

Sunday, 02.06.
  • Fire and light show "Palachi"

    Sunday, 02.06.  21:00 - 22:00
    site next to the TV tower

    Ivan Ivanov (Director)
    Alexander Zinoviev
    Diana Hristova
    Ivan Valchev
    Kalin Katev
    Lyubena Damyanova
    Mikhail Vulkanov
    Polina Yoncheva
    Radoslav Yordanov
    Yuri Krutas

    Don't miss!